Tucker Carlson Looks Amazing After Fox Firing, Photos Suggest

According to a report, Tucker Carlson is unfazed by his sudden dismissal from Fox News, which occurred only two days ago.

The TV host agreed to an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, where he dismissed the media frenzy and maintained he was primarily interested in having a romantic evening with his wife, Susan.

The 53-year-old Carlson said with a grin that retirement has been great so far as he left his $5.5 million Boca Grande, Florida, beach house. Carlson remarked that the last time he and his wife had a weekday dinner was seven years ago.

The family spends the summers up North and the winters in Florida. 

They split their time between a house in Woodstock, Maine, and one in Boca Grande, a secluded community on Gasparilla Island.

Dad-of-four Carlson sped out on a golf cart without commenting on rumors that he was taken by surprise by the news that he was parting company with Fox, despite being the network’s greatest prime-time star.

According to the online giant’s new sources, Carlson was in secret meetings with his former executive producer and trusted aide, Justin Wells.

While his powerful celebrity lawyer Bryan Freedman negotiates Carlson’s departure deal with Fox, sources say Carlson will not make any major plans for the moment.

Freedman also represents former CNN hosts Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo.  Lemon was let go on the same day as Tucker Carlson. Cuomo is seeking damages of $125 million for wrongful dismissal.

According to a report, after his firing from Fox News, Tucker Carlson posted a video criticizing the media establishment and political elites, which received a massive amount of attention in a single day.

Following the news that last week’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” episode would be the last, the former Fox host took to Twitter on Wednesday to encourage Americans to seek the truth and lament the fact that the media today avoids debate on serious issues.

The video was posted at about 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time and soon gained widespread attention. About 66.5 million people had viewed the video after only 24 hours.