Carmageddon – Vegas Man Did WHAT?!

In Las Vegas, a man stands accused of deliberately driving his truck onto a sidewalk in the Town Square mall, aiming it at a group of people, hitting a woman and pinning her against a wall, then running over the foot of another person before he fled the scene.

The man, identified as 28 year-old Eduardo Gonzales, will now be charged with five counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, as well as two counts of battery with a deadly weapon resulting in bodily harm.

The incident took place on Friday, April 19th, around 4 A.M.. According to the arrest report, Gonzales embarked on his wild driving spree after leaving a cocktail lounge in the same neighborhood. Surveillance video captured Gonzalez getting into his truck, then crawling along the curb and stopping at each alleyway he crossed in the outdoor mall located in South Las Vegas. The video further showed him having a verbal exchange with a group of five people—two men and three women—at the end of which three of the group walked away from the truck.

Court documents go on to say that Gonzales then drove onto the sidewalk. The two men in the group were able to dodge out of the way, but one woman was struck and pinned against the wall of a business. While she was pinned, her four companions attempted to push the truck away from her. Once she was able to break free, Gonzales shifted into reverse and ran over the foot of a man in the group.

Gonzales was arrested by police on April 27, when he was checking his mail. Police were able to identify Gonzalez by tracing the credit card and license plate number he used to pay for parking at the meter at Town Square that night, according to the court filings. He is currently being held at the Clark County Detention Center on $150,000 bail.