Violence Rocks Border City of Matamoros, Mexican Govt. Silent

To any casual observer of the state of political affairs in the United States, things are not well within the union. Economically, rampant inflation has crippled the American working class which had already been shrinking and struggling for years. The value of the dollar continues to decline, and some 60% of the nation is estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck. To make matters worse, housing prices have skyrocketed, putting the dream of home ownership out of reach for many average Americans. Credit card debt continues to soar, and the materialist, globalist economy and culture of the modern United States trudges on as the once proud middle class, the former backbone of the country, diminishes with each passing day.

To make matters worse, as wages continue to stagnate, millions of illegal migrants have poured into the nation over the first two and a half years of the 46th President Joe Biden’s term of service. In the early days of his presidency, Biden reversed many of Donald Trump’s immigration policies that had been appearing to mitigate the effects of illegal migration at the southern border and stem the flow of persons into the domestic United States. One policy, which had required migrants to remain in Mexico as they were processed, was rescinded, and after being detained, migrants have been willingly shipped northward to major cities without any identification or vetting. These individuals often compete with low income Americans for work and help to keep wages low.

It appears that the federal government has been unwilling to address the issue and the situation has continued to worsen. Tens of thousands of migrants have arrived in recent weeks to major U.S. cities creating serious housing problems and even contributing to an increase in crime and lawlessness. At the southern border city of Matamoros in Mexico, violence has become commonplace, but the Mexican government has unfortunately unsurprisingly similarly done nothing to address the issue.