RNC Files Lawsuit to Invalidate Mail-In Ballots Not Counted Election Day

The Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign last week filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Nevada over a state law that allows mail-in ballots received after Election Day to be counted in the final election tally.

The law, passed by the Democrat-controlled legislature following the 2020 presidential election, allows mail-in ballots that are received up to four days following the election to be included in the final tally of votes.

In its lawsuit, the RNC argues that the law undermines election integrity in the state and violates the constitutional requirement that there be a single Election Day by unlawfully extending the election past the day mandated by Congress.

RNC Chair Michael Whately said in a May 3 press release that “ballots received after Election Day should not be counted.”

Whately described the lawsuit as “a critical step” in the RNC’s “unprecedented election integrity operation” to fight for fair elections and restore voter confidence in the electoral process.

According to the RNC, its lawsuit against Nevada is the 83rd lawsuit the party has filed in 25 states.

The RNC has also sued the states of Mississippi and North Dakota over similar laws that allow mail-in ballots received after Election Day to be included in the final vote tally.

In total, 19 states allow late ballots to be counted.

Proponents argue that the provisions make it easier to vote and ensure that those who vote by mail have the same amount of time as Election Day voters to make up their minds.

Opponents of the laws say extending counting beyond Election Day delays election results and undermines voter trust in the electoral process.

Nevada Democrat Secretary of State Francisco Aguilar dismissed the RNC’s lawsuit, saying he hoped the Republicans were “putting in as much time and energy into educating voters” as they were in suing Nevada.