Celeb DEATH – Hollywood Star BREAKS Silence!

Actress and supermodel Elizabeth Hurley has spoken out about the devastating emotional toll that the death of Australian cricket legend Shane Warne, her former fiancee, has taken on her and her son Damian.

The British screen icon, now 58 years old, began dating Warne in 2010. The couple announced their engagement a year later, but eventually split without marrying in 2013. Warne had said in interviews that his relationship with Hurley marked the happiest period in his life, and he forever regretted that things failed to work between them.

Warne was found in his Koh Samui villa on March 4, 2022. He was unresponsive, and was later pronounced dead of a suspected heart attack. He was 52 years old.

Hurley’s son Damian recently directed Strictly Confidential, his debut film, in which he cast Hurley as a character who gets into some steamy situations with another woman. When asked, Hurley said that Damien’s interest in film began in childhood, and that Warne was a star in many of Damien’s early experimental films.

Damien is the biological son of American businessman Steve Bing, who committed suicide in 2020. According to Hurley, the loss of Bing and of Warne have cemented her bond with her son in the way that only shared suffering can. She told the Telegraph that, despite its scandalous overtones, Strictly Confidential is mainly a film about loss, a theme that is apparent to her throughout much of Damian’s body of work.

Hurley said that the sadness she feels at Warne’s loss will be with her for a long time.

When interviewed about his relationship with Hurley in 2018, Shane Warne said that he’d come to believe that there was a marked difference between loving someone dearly and being in love with them. He said that he had and would always love Hurley, but he doubted they would ever get back together. However, he said, nobody knows what the future holds.