Trump Fundraising Efforts Bear Fruit, RNC Brings in Millions

The presidential election of 2024 draws ever closer as the days go by. In the face of four criminal indictments, Donald Trump maintains colossal voter support among conservative voters and has locked up the Republican nomination for the presidency.  While critics continue to claim (likely with some validity) that Trump would be vulnerable in a general election due to his unpopularity nationally across party lines with moderate voters, the Republican voting base remains galvanized, staunchly standing by the American business mogul from New York City. Many early 2024 polls which show Joe Biden rematching with Trump conclude a “dead heat”, or an even split in voter support. In all likelihood, should Biden and Trump once again go head-to-head, the election would be nail biter. While Trump is unpopular, so is Biden, and his approval ratings continue to falter by the day.

One area in which Trump has consistently criticized Biden is on his handling of the southern border. It is estimated that millions of illegal migrants have entered America from Mexico under Bidens watch, an appalling statistic. In an interview with Megyn Kelly, Trump said serious action must be taken to combat the ruthless cartel in Mexico. The situation continues to worsen by the day and tens of thousands of migrants seemingly arrive by the week. The federal government has appeared unwilling or unable to address the problem and the situation continues to spiral out of control.

As the election fast approaches, Trump has begun to increase his fundraising capabilities. In a recent article by politico, Trump raised about $65 million in the first quarter of 2024 as the election nears closer. Trump still lags well behind the incumbent president Joe Biden, who has serious amounts of money. Trump has also utilized serious financial resources dealing with his many indictments and legal affairs. Trump remains locked in a close battle with the incumbent president in most recent general election polls.