350K Pound Load Detaches From Trailer, Killing Two in Texas

A statement from Temple Fire & Rescue said that on April 27th, a 350,000-pound cargo fell off a 217-foot trailer and hit a car on Highway 36 in Texas, killing two and injuring one.

A distillation column, an oil and gas refinery essential, was on board the trailer. Temple Fire states that it most likely originated in the Houston region and was en route to West Texas.

Distillation columns are essential in the oil and gas sector for separating crude oil into its component parts, such as diesel, jet fuel, and gasoline. They are used to process petroleum products for further refining and purification.

Many process industries rely on distillation columns for effective separation, which in turn allows for the manufacture of vital goods such as fuels, fertilizers, medicines, and high-quality chemicals.

On Saturday, shortly before noon, Temple Fire and Rescue were sent to the scene of the incident on the highway.

Temple Fire & Rescue said that upon arrival, they discovered a car ensnared by an excessive load that had fallen off its trailer.  When the accident occurred, all three occupants of the car were there. According to Temple Fire & Rescue, two people died at the site, and a third was taken by helicopter to a local hospital for emergency treatment.

Over four hours passed while rescuers labored to extract the driver entangled in the debris.

The statement said that ten units and 25 workers were sent by Temple Fire and Rescue. Additional assistance came from specialist teams sent by nearby fire departments. According to the statement, further aid was provided by the following entities: Temple EMS, Temple Towing, Wards Towing, Grones Environmental,  Baylor Scott & White Surgical Staff, Temple Police Department, PHI Air Medical, Texas Department of Public Safety, and Texas Department of Transportation.

The accident is under investigation by Texas authorities.