Bizzare Stabbing Incident Kills Surfer Minutes After Emerging from Sea

In Coffs Harbour, Australia, a young male surfer was brutally murdered just moments after he came back onshore from riding waves. A suspect is currently still at large, with local police doing everything to identify the killer, who quickly fled the scene after the murder.

The recent murder took place around 6:45 in the morning at the Park Beach Reserve Coffs Harbour, which is located on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia. Local authorities stated the victim was an unnamed 22-year-old male, who was found with stab wounds to his neck and chest areas at the scene. The male victim was quickly taken to a local hospital but unfortunately died due to his injuries. The Chief Inspector, Detective Guy Flaherty confirmed to media outlets that the male victim suffered “significant stab wounds” to said areas of his body.

Detective Flaherty further went on to describe the victim to press stating that the young male surfer was fresh out of the water and had been wearing a black wetsuit during the time of the attack. Detective Flaherty confirmed to the press that an ongoing search for evidence related to the crime was underway, following up with the local areas surrounding the park such as the parking lot and beach will continue to be investigated for an extended amount of time. Regarding the murder, Detective Flaherty and his unit believe the suspect may have escaped through the parking lot and into the bridge and creek area of Coffs Harbour.

An operations manager of the Coffs Harbour Lifeguarding Club named Craig Peart reported to press officials that fellow club members were being questioned on any leads they may have. Peart went on to tell ABC News that the crime was a shock to see in their area, stating that the areas are commonly populated by lifeguards. NSW authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward and contact Crime Stoppers.