Barbara Streisand Responds to Backlash Over Melissa McCarthy Comments

The very talented singer and actress Barbara Streisand was recently under public fire after the ten-time Grammy Award singer commented about the noticeable weight loss of actress Melissa McCarthy on a recent Instagram post from McCarthy, and whether or not she used the popular weight loss drug Ozempic to achieve her results. This public question sparked immediate controversy among Streisand’s commentators as they berated the singer-actress for her ignorance of the question.

It seems as though Barbara Streisand’s followers assumed she was using the question of weight loss to ridicule McCarthy, who is a close friend of Streisand. Streisand’s comment section on Instagram began to flood with disappointing and angered reactions from fans. “Wow! What happened to not talking about bodies!” one comment read. Another user responded to Streisand that whether or not McCarthy did use the drug was no one’s business. Comments of similar takes ostracized Streisand as have coming off as rude and disrespectful to the comedic actress, as well as the fact that the mindset of many Hollywood celebrities has always been about a perfect appearance.

Following the backlash, Streisand quickly took down her comment from McCarthy’s post, remaining silent on the issue for a short time. Streisand returned to her social media page this past Tuesday to apologize and explain the reasoning behind her controversial comment. In an Instagram post, Streisand explained that she had used the social media app to view photos of flowers she had recently received for her birthday, and below them was the initial post from McCarthy which had caught her eye. Streisand went on further to explain that McCarthy was a friend of hers who had sung on her album Encore. “She looked fantastic! I just wanted to pay her a compliment!” Streisand concluded.

McCarthy herself also spoke on the recent comments, seemingly brushing the controversy off her shoulders stating that Streisand is a “treasure’ and that she loves the entertainer.