Threatening Donald Trump Letters Intercepted By Authorities

Kansas Republicans have received nearly one hundred envelopes containing white powder since Friday, joining a growing list of conservative leaders nationwide who have received similar packages. 

The sender, who signed off as “your secret despirer,” singled out several people, including ex-president Trump and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Many of the letters were delivered successfully, but the USPS stopped the ones addressed to Trump and Thomas. The white substance within the envelopes was later determined to be harmless by the authorities. However, the FBI and the US Secret Service are continuing to keep a close eye on developments.

ABC7 reports that many Kansas legislators were frightened by the event, with Republican state Rep. Steve Owens calling it “terrifying.”

In a Facebook post, Representative Tory Marie Blew said, “This is not okay,” and detailed how she had gotten a call from the local sheriff on Friday night, advising her to be “careful” with her mail because there could be a dangerous white powder in it.

A bomb squad, the local fire department, the FBI, and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation came to check on Blew and her family. 

According to the KBI’s subsequent announcement, the preliminary results from the lab indicate the substance is likely negative for a wide range of commonly-feared biological agents.

According to KMBC9’s reporting, the letter was incomprehensible due to the use of numerous typefaces and languages.

When asked whether she thought the letter was “intended to be threatening,” Republican state senator Molly Baumgardner said yes, pointing out that only Republicans had been singled out.

As she put it, “Everyone has to be concerned.” “This threat, and any others like it, must be taken extremely seriously by everyone.”