Aussie Couple Robbed at Knifepoint, Thieves Steal $160k Worth of Goods

An elderly couple in Australia was held hostage and robbed in their own home for luxurious jewelry items that have been estimated to have cost about $160,000. The robbery occurred on June 23rd, 2023 inside the couple’s home in Melbourne, Australia. The unnamed residents, aged 65 and 67 at the time were peacefully inside their house at the time of the invasion, which occurred on Beckett Road in Donvale, a suburb of Melbourne.

According to police reports, four men dressed in all-black broke into the couple’s home where they then physically assaulted and threatened them at knifepoint. Following this, the burglars held the couple hostage by tying one of the couple’s hands behind their back and covering the face of the other.

The four thugs then demanded access to a personal safe that was located in the house. Once the thieves had access to the safe, they had managed to steal multiple luxury watches, as well as expensive solid gold jewelry. Those luxurious items included a Cartier Tank Musk watch and a Tudor Heritage watch, as well as gold necklaces. Along with this, the suspects continued to ransack the house for over an hour. In total, the items stolen equaled up to $160,000.

Melbourne police believe that the couple was actually targeted by mistake, and are actively seeking any information from the public to help solve their case. Melbourne police however have leads on two suspects they believe could help them with their inquiries in solving the crime.

Police have released two images of composite sketches of two young men, being described as in their twenties with solid builds and being of Pacific-Islander descent, one with facial hair and the other with a distinct neck tattoo. Detective Senior Seargent Justin Mercovich described the situation as “very stressful” for the elderly couple. Police are strongly encouraging residents in the area to come forward with any information on the suspects.