Biden Alludes to Wanting to Punch Trump D.C. Conference

President Joe Biden channeled his inner Mike Tyson during the North America Building Trades Unions conference in Washington D.C. President Biden aimed at Donald Trump by saying the former president deserved to be punched or in his words, “a straight left”. Biden addressed the audience of the NABTU in hopes of securing the union’s endorsement in the upcoming 2024 presidential race. Biden exclaimed to the crowd of Union members that Donald Trump looked down upon them, and imagined all he could accomplish if given another four years in office.

After this statement, Biden’s passion was short-lived when he accidentally read the teleprompter’s ‘pause’ indication out loud to the crowd. The moment did create a pause, an awkward one at that until the crowd began a “four more years” chant to encourage the president.

Biden then continued to mock Trump for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic while in office. Biden quoted a statement from Trump at the time, where Trump had advised citizens to inject a “little bleach in your veins”. Biden’s punchline, “He missed- it all went to his hair”. The crowd roared.

President Biden was successful with his endorsement by the NABTU mostly for signing the bipartisan infrastructure law, which caused an influx in construction projects across America. Ahead of Biden’s address, the NABTU played a nearly five-minute-long video for the audience, where NABTU President Sean McGarvey spoke on Donald Trump’s relations with the union. In the video, Sean McGarvey explained that he had known Trump since the 1980s. McGarvey exposed that Trump now feels free to let his “dark side” out and stressed the dangers it could have on America if Trump were to be elected President again.

McGarvey went on to remind union members that Trump promised to help fix union workers’ pensions, but failed to deliver. McGarvey even compared Trump to President Biden, highlighting the fact that Trump never signed a bipartisan infrastructure law.