Restaurant Sends Messaged To Diners, Attacking Them

There has been a considerable reaction, both in anger and allegiance, to a restaurant’s message to picky clients with specific requests for the establishment’s kitchen team.

A picture of a sign put on the door of a restaurant serves as notice that customized orders are not the establishment’s forte and suggests that “entitled” customers who refuse to consume the cuisine as it is prepared to find somewhere else to eat.

The sign said to continue reading if you like making substitutions, alterations, or personalizations when ordering food.

It read that perhaps people’s moms have removed the onions from their salad, put the dressing on the side, or swapped out the veggies. But this restaurant serves every dish exactly as they perfected it. They don’t provide personalized menus and are “not your mother.” There isn’t a magic lamp that can grant you every wish.

They said that customers who are too spoiled to eat what’s on the menu should hire a personal chef, bring their own food, eat elsewhere where they can make special requests, or just accept the food the way it’s prepared.

They also said in their “allergy alert” that guests with food allergies should find another restaurant for their safety since they do not have the qualifications to provide the required service.

Facebook users were allowed to weigh in on the controversial placard.

Many said the business has every right to put up the sign, and if you have food allergies, it’s safer to dine at home. 

Many people were offended by the allegedly “rude” and “snarky” letter.

Someone on Facebook posted a threat to have them reported for a health violation, adding that they hoped they got sued.

Some called the message  “rude” and “disgusting.”

Another said when they want to treat themselves to a nice supper out, it’s their money, and they’ll spend it where they are treated best.