NFL Star Admits to Liking Marxism in Shocking Confession

During an interview with the New Republic, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick openly acknowledged collaborating with two influential black Marxists while writing a pro-black studies anthology. 

According to Kaepernick, he believed that black liberation would be almost impossible under capitalism.

Kaepernick expressed his belief that Black Studies have played a crucial role in revealing the founding myths and contradictions of the United States while envisioning an alternative future that prioritizes the liberation of all individuals. 

He stated, “I hope that my actions, starting from 2016 and continuing to this day, have had a similar impact.”

The conversation occurred between Kaepernick and journalist Indigo Olivier, during which he promoted the book he co-edited titled “Our History Has Always Been Contraband: In Defense of Black Studies.” 

This anthology showcases radical leftist perspectives from notable figures such as W.E.B. Du Bois, Angela Davis, Bobby Seale, and others.

Editors Robin D.G. Kelley and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor collaborated with Kaepernick on the essays featured in the book. It’s important to know that both editors identify as Marxists. 

Furthermore, the book predominantly includes writings by authors who hold anti-capitalist viewpoints.

Kaepernick stated that he always deeply admired the work of Keeanga and Robin and their unwavering political analysis that recognizes the incompatibility of black liberation with capitalism. 

He believes the anthology effectively presents this argument, and I hope it challenges readers to understand that racism alone does not define white supremacy. 

He feels supremacy persists partly due to its intertwined relationship with capitalism, heteropatriarchy, ableism, and other systems of oppression.

The book’s publication may encounter significant obstacles due to the ongoing ban on Critical Race Theory in various educational systems nationwide.

During an interview, Olivier asked Kaepernick about his description of “Our History Has Always Been Contraband” as a book that Governor Ron DeSantis does not want people to read, as well as the references made by his co-editors to Trump responding to the 1619 project with his 1776 Commission. 

Olivier inquired about Kaepernick’s thoughts on the Republican Party’s continuous criticism of black Studies.

Kaepernick explained that Black Studies, and the critical examination of U.S. history in general, threaten the white supremacist leanings. Attempts to distort or sanitize the past should be seen as a deliberate step towards fascism and a desire to construct a nation where power is concentrated almost exclusively in the hands of a select few predominantly white individuals. 

He has said that he wouldn’t characterize the GOP’s attacks on Black Studies are obsessive, but rather as an integral part of their political agenda rooted in white supremacy.”

It’s important to note that Kaepernick’s statement reflects his strong views on the subject matter, and it is essential to approach discussions of racism with sensitivity and respect for diverse perspectives.