IRS Quietly Visited Journalist’s Home Day After Testimony

( Matt Taibbi received a surprise visit at his home by an IRS agent recently, and the  reason for that visit seems suspicious to many people.

Taibbi is the journalist behind the Twitter Files. The agent from the IRS who visited his home did so on the same day that he gave testimony to Congress regarding how the government has been weaponized. Now, Republican Representative Jim Jordan, who is the chair of the Judiciary Committee in the House, is demanding the IRS give an explanation for what he’s calling an “oddly-timed visit.”

The chair sent IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel and the Department of Treasury a letter earlier this week wanting to know more information about why the IRS agent showed up to Taibbi’s home in New Jersey. That visit occurred on March 9.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the agent left a note at Taibbi’s home, which reportedly instructed him to call the agency four days later.

When Taibbi called the IRS, an agent who answered the phone said that his tax returns for both 2018 and 2021 were rejected because of concerns over identity theft.

This is a very strange development – at least in terms of its timing – considering that Taibbi has been intricately involved in the reporting and researching of the Twitter Files. Those files were released by new Twitter owner Elon Musk.

They are a large grouping of internal documents that the social media company has that apparently reveal how there was an unfair bias at the company in the past in regard to content moderation. They also show how high-up officials at Twitter had regular contact with officials from the federal government.

Taibbi spoke with the House Judiciary Committee recently, saying that the visit from the IRS agent happened on the same day that he spoke with members of the House’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, where he testified regarding the information he was able to learn by studying the Twitter Files.

The journalist provided the committee with documents that showed that his tax return from 2018 was electronically accepted. The WSJ reported that the IRS never contacted him nor his accountants over the last 4.5 years to tell them that there was an issue with the returns.

Taibbi’s 2021 tax return was rejected twice, even after his accountants refiled them with a PIN number that the IRS provided to them.

In neither case was there an issue with money, Taibbi said, adding that the IRS actually owes him  “considerable” amount for both years, according to the WSJ report. On Monday night, Taibbi sent a tweet that said he wasn’t going to be issuing a comment about the letter. 

The tweet read:

“For those asking, I don’t want to comment on the IRS issue pending an answer to chairman @Jim_Jordan’s letter. I’m not worried for myself, but I did feel the Committee should be aware of the situation.”