CNN Guest Says “Disconnect” Exists

In a recent appearance on CNN, a reporter from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution suggested that Americans who are struggling economically feel a “disconnect” between the White House’s messaging on the economy and what they are experiencing at home, the Daily Caller reported.

On Monday, during a CNN panel discussion on recent polling that showed only 38 percent of Americans approve of President Biden’s handling of the economy, Journal-Constitution reporter Tia Mitchell said that the biggest challenge for the Biden administration is that what Americans are experiencing in the daily lives is different from the message the administration is conveying and “there’s a conflict there.”

Mitchell claimed that the Biden administration does have a record of accomplishments when it comes to the economy. She said while gas prices may have gone down from their peak last year, Americans still believe gas prices are too high. Likewise, grocery prices, rent, and the price of other goods are also too high, Mitchell explained.

She said since most Americans still aren’t “in a great financial position,” it is difficult for them to hear the president telling Americans that they are doing so much better thanks to all the things he’s done, which she described as a “disconnect.”

Mitchell said there is “no easy answer” for the White House in dealing with that disconnect. She then went further, saying that the White House doesn’t “have a way to fix” that disconnect.

While gas prices have gone down from their peak last summer when the average price for a gallon topped $5, the average price per gallon remains at $3.58 (as of June 23, according to AAA), which is still higher than it was when Biden took office.

Currently, the Real Clear Politics polling average shows President Biden 17.1 points underwater in his handling of the economy, with only 39.2 percent approving and 56.3 percent disapproving.