Tucker Carlson Says Antifa Is No “Accident”

(Presidentialwire.com)- According to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Antifa never appears by accident, and they seek to influence politics in the wake of Memphis police releasing video of a fatal altercation involving police officers and Tyre Nichols.

Antifa is currently organizing riots nationwide, according to Carlson. Seattle, Portland,  Los Angeles, California, Atlanta, Georgia, New York City, and suburban Washington, D.C., would all fall under this category.

Barricades are being erected in Times Square. The NYPD is concerned about attacks on law enforcement and public transportation.

Media reports show protests got underway after the release of video footage.

Nichols died from injuries sustained in the altercation during a traffic stop, and five police officers were fired and charged.

Carlson reported that Antifa is not a group of thugs. These are not idle children who suddenly appear out of nowhere because they are furious over something they read or saw on Twitter or cable news. Antifa is a political tool whose actions are always meant to influence political outcomes. Antifa does not just happen to exist. Every time Antifa shows up, it’s to influence a political outcome.

When you see Antifa, BLM is close behind.

According to reports, during the BLM riots, Antifa was also mixed in. Vice President Kamala Harris tweeted in 2020 asking the public if they would donate to the MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.

According to reports, Black Lives Matter claimed in February of last year that it had shut down online fundraising in response to legal threats from many states. But ActBlue, the influential Democratic online fundraising platform, allowed the organization to continue collecting donations.

In the past, Antifa has been accused of making threats against or attacking Conservative gatherings at colleges and political rallies, including a riot at Donald Trump’s inauguration as president in 2017.

Tucker Carlson wondered Who was organizing Antifa and why. One can say with certainty that Antifa is currently organizing to carry out violence in cities nationwide like a political militia.