Off-Duty Officer Charged With Murder for Shooting at Chik-fil-A Parking Lot

On Wednesday, state investigators in South Carolina reported that an off-duty police officer shot a man attempting to drive away during an altercation in a fast food restaurant parking lot. The officer is now charged with murder.

Anthony DeLustro, 64, said he shot Michael O’Neal because he was afraid he would be crushed beneath his moving car. However, according to state investigators, someone who was holding DeLustro after the altercation overheard him threaten to kill O’Neal, 39, if he attempted to flee.

During the brawl that broke out on March 20 in the Summerville Chick-fil-A parking lot, O’Neal kicked and punched many people, but neither he nor anyone else threatened to use a weapon, according to state agents.

.An investigation by state investigators revealed that DeLustro had yelled out to O’Neal, “Do you want to do this?” while using an anti-gay slur, but they could not specify why O’Neal and DeLustro began to fight.

According to agents, DeLustro informed O’Neal that he was being arrested and presented him with his police credentials during the altercation, even though he was not on duty that day.

According to the sworn statement, DeLustro’s weapon slipped out of its holster, and the officer’s wife attempted to restrain O’Neal both during the altercation and as he tried to enter his vehicle.

According to state authorities, DeLustro escaped from the person holding him back as O’Neal attempted to flee. He then retrieved his revolver off the ground and climbed into O’Neal’s automobile.

O’Neal was not a threat when he was slain, and investigators found that DeLustro needlessly placed himself at risk despite his claim of self-defense.

Based on his training records, DeLustro began his police career in New York City and remained there for 22 years until relocating to South Carolina in 2003.

The possible sentence for DeLustro’s murder is 30–life years in jail.

The bond will not be set for DeLustro until he appears before a judge in the circuit court since he is facing a murder accusation.