Immigrant Group Say Six-Month Food, Housing Support ‘Insufficient’

According to reports, Denver, Colorado, is buckling under the strain of its influx of illegal migrants.

According to one support organization for illegal migrants, the mayor’s recent decrease of $8 million from the police budget is just not enough to maintain catering to illegal immigrants.

Johnston had done this before.  Cuts to municipal services were already in the works in February for an identical rationale.  The mayor’s decision to reduce the police budget compounds the already dire situation of the city’s security situation brought about by the flood of illegals.

From August to December 2023, the city’s spending on illegal migrants surged from $2 million to $15 million. According to Denver’s estimates, the number of illegal migrants in shelters has decreased from approximately 5,000 in January to roughly 1,000 now.

The revelation that a six-month period of free food and shelter is contemptuous to the illegal migrants has surfaced.

Six months of complimentary housing and food, according to activists for illegal migrants in Denver, is insufficient. It is insulting and emotionally damaging.

Despite the mayor reducing the city’s emergency budget to meet the migrant rush, illegal migrants and an advocacy organization in Denver criticized the new Asylum Seekers Program, which provides six months of free accommodation, describing it as insufficient and insulting.

With an ever-increasing influx of illegal migrants, a sanctuary city known as Denver has constantly strained to meet their needs. At a cost of over $68 million, the city has welcomed over 40,000 migrants since December 2022, surpassing all other U.S. cities in terms of migration per capita, according to reports.

In a move he pushed a long-term, sustainable scheme, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston said last week that the city’s migrant program will now provide just that. Approximately 1,000 migrants are presently residing in the city’s shelter system while they await work permission.

According to a report, the initiative will provide some 1,000 illegal migrants now residing in the city’s shelter system with six months of free accommodation, food aid, job training, and other benefits while they wait for work permission. According to federal legislation that applies to asylum seekers, it may take a minimum of 180 days to receive an employment permit.