Ex-Biden Supporter Explains Why She Prefers Trump For 2024 Election

A Substack blogger explained in detail why she switched her support from Joe Biden to Donald Trump. Sasha Stone said she once believed that Biden was the only person who could “save” America from the MAGA movement but has now left the Democratic party “for good.”

Stone writes that her initial journey to Trump began when she started “humanizing” the former Presdient, and in the process, upsetting friends and family who believe he is “evil.” She cited remarks from a video blogger, Heather Cox Richardson, as evidence that many anti-Trump activists are “crazy” and genuinely believe the MAGA movement is anti-American. In the video, Richardson claims Trump supporters are a mixture of those who think people with money are “better” than others or people of a particular religion are better, but whatever the reason, Richardson states human equality is the cornerstone of the United States, and those who don’t support it, cannot be patriotic Americans.

Ms. Richardson claimed that Trump intends to become a dictator and replace the civil service with people loyal to him. She also believes he will outlaw abortion and wipe LGBT people from the map. Sasha Stone, however, says this is part of attempts by anti-Trump activists to terrify the American public, but ironically, this is driving people toward Mr. Trump.

Stone remarks that these scare tactics are unique. “We’ve never lived through an entire oligopoly scaring people against a former President and half the country,” she wrote. The blogger furthermore stated that MAGA supporters are treated like “garbage,” and Trump is targeted by a biased justice system aimed at silencing his supporters. “This can’t be America,” she declared.

Polls show that Stone is not alone. A YouGov poll in March revealed that 66% of Republican voters believe the criminal charges against Mr. Trump are unfair. As a falsifying documents criminal trial got underway in New York on April 15, an AP-NORC survey found that only 1 in 3 Americans think the prosecution is legitimate.