Supplement Pill Pulled From Shelves After Multiple Deaths

Since becoming 46th president of America in January 2021, Joe Biden has grappled with many serious issues at the fiscal, social, and diplomatic levels. In 2022, rampant inflation caused by unmatched levels of government spending reached 40-year highs. The working class continues to be crushed by a spiraling cost of living. In Democrat-run states, parents have clashed with educators and school officials. In many instances, new curriculums have been implemented in public schools, and policies which seek to limit parental rights over children have also been adopted. Foreign adversaries of America and the west have been emboldened; Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022 and is locked in a bloody conflict in eastern Europe, and China remains threatening in the pacific.

While the international state of affairs grows increasingly troublesome by the day, in the realm of celebrity affairs within the United States remains a usually “distracting” scene. Indeed, in the unfortunate realities of modern culture, many Americans have a better working knowledge of pop music stars, reality TV persona’s, and professional athletes than they do their own elected officials and national history. Nonetheless, when tragedy strikes even these privileged members of society, respect and condolences deserve to be extended. A former NHL player, once the fiancé of Savannah Chrisley (a TV-star), passed away at the age of 29. Nic Kerdiles was involved in a serious motorcycle accident on September 23rd near Nashville, Tennessee. Kerdiles had been drafted by the Anaheim Ducks in 2012 and played in the NHL from 2014-2019.

Life is truly precious, and sometimes the most tragic deaths are reminders that nothing in the world is finite. Even people who appear to be healthy and committed to taking care of themselves sometimes experience tragic ends, and in the modern world, in many instances’ products deemed “healthy” are revealed to have negative side effects. In a recent report, 5 people perished after taking cholesterol lowering supplements contaminated with red mold.