Trump Tells Ron DeSantis Donors To Jump Ship

According to reports, the 2024 campaign of former President Donald Trump is reaching out to some of Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ most significant contributors to win them over.

Politico reports that on Tuesday, the Trump campaign sent a message to DeSantis donors touting Trump’s recent polling rise and suggesting that Trump, at age 76, will be the eventual Republican presidential candidate.

The Trump campaign document states the two things to note are the President’s tremendous numbers and Governor Ron DeSantis’ plummeting ones. Trump’s 2024 campaign calls people to “show your support” by participating in it now.

The three-page message analyzes recent polls which say that Trump is ahead of DeSantis by more than single digits, including in the early primary state of New Hampshire.  The numbers the Trump team is citing are from pollster John McLaughlin.

To the tune of $10 million, Trump claims his campaign profited from the former president’s indictment by a Manhattan grand jury last week.

Trump touts that his poll numbers had never been higher. In a rousing speech to round off the day, Trump said that America is over if we can’t stop the radical left.

In true Trump fashion and humor, the ex-President said he just had the best day in history for someone unjustifiably indicted.

Once the indictment against him was made public, his campaign said that more than $4 million was raised to support his presidential bid in the first 24 hours.

25% of contributors were first-time donors, according to Trump’s campaign, and the average gift was $34.

DeSantis, who is generally anticipated to run for president in 2024 following the completion of the Florida legislative session this summer, has amassed a significant campaign fund of his own.

A super PAC associated with DeSantis revealed earlier this week that it had collected $30 million, bringing the total amount of money available to the Florida governor’s re-election campaign in 2022 to $90 million.