Top Republican Took Money From Chinese Agent

Stephen A. Wynn, the Las Vegas real estate and casino magnate, was once urged to register as a foreign agent working on behalf of Communist China. The Republican governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, accepted a $100,000 gift from Wynn.

According to campaign finance records made public by the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP), on April 19, 2023, Stephen “Steve” Wynn gave Governor Youngkin a six-figure donation. A VPAP report details the size of Youngkin’s war fund, which includes nearly $10.4 million donated to the Spirit of Virginia PAC since 2021, most of which came from donors outside Virginia.

In contrast, President Trump rebuffed a request from Youngkin benefactor Steve Wynn in 2017 to expel anti-Communist Chinese dissenter Miles Guo from the United States to face punishment by the Chinese Communist Party.

After refusing to register as a foreign agent of Communist China under the Foreign Agent Registration Act and maintaining that his pro-China lobbying efforts did not qualify him as a foreign agent or foreign lobbyist, the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Wynn in 2022.

On May 22nd, 2022, the DOJ released a statement that said that the Department of Justice filed a civil enforcement action seeking to compel Stephen A. Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts, to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Ac. He was an agent of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and a senior official of the PRC’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS). 

A federal judge agreed with Wynn in October 2022 that the DOJ could not compel him to register because he had not worked for China and its communist regime since 2017. This resulted in the dismissal of Wynn’s lawsuit.

The Governor of Virginia has been tied to the CCP before, so the revelation that he received a six-figure donation from an alleged Chinese foreign agent is unsurprising.

In 2019 and 2020, two years before Youngkin ran for Governor of Virginia, he traveled to Davos, Switzerland, with representatives of the Chinese Communist Party and the World Economic Forum for the WEF’s annual globalist meeting.

A Chinese version of the WEF website claims that in 2019, Youngkin, then co-CEO of the Carlyle Investment Group, spoke on a panel with senior CCP member Fang Xinghai at the Davos conference.

In 2020, Youngkin returned to Davos for the World Economic Forum, where he spoke on how the Carlyle Group had become a leader in the “woke capital” ESG principles field. Some have called ESG, an acronym for “Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance,” a “massive left-wing corporate power grab.”

Youngkin claimed at Davos that the Carlyle Group had been “driving ESG initiatives under his leadership.”