“Time Traveler” Claims That 8,000 Abductions Have Taken Place 

(PresidentialWire.com)- According to the UK tabloid the Daily Mail, a TikTok user who claimed that 8,000 people would be abducted by aliens last Thursday said the aliens did arrive on Earth and left again around 7:30 pm Eastern Time, taking their hostages with them to a habitable planet. 

The user, who goes by @theradiantimetraveller, claims to be from the future and said last Thursday would be the day when extra-terrestrials known as “The Champion” would take the 8,000 earthlings to a habitable planet. 

Known as Eno Alaric, the TikTok user claimed that the aliens were looking for engineers, doctors, scientists, and other “leaders” to take them on a “long journey” that will take around four years traveling faster than the speed of light.  

In one video, Eno claimed that another alien species is already heading to Earth and will arrive in 2024. These aliens, known by Eno as the “Distants,” own our planet and, according to Eno, use the Pyramid in Giza as a “mark of ownership and control.” 

According to the Daily Mail, in a previous video, Eno claimed that the so-called “Distants” were “very hostile” and planned to take back the Earth. 

In addition to prattling on about aliens, Eno Alaric also makes videos revealing what will happen in the future, which, as a time traveler, Eno would know. 

According to Eno, another global pandemic is in the offing and will strike just as global warming melts the polar ice caps. 

Eno also claimed that two years from now, we will have colonies on Mars that will find human bones, proving that humans came not from Earth but from Mars. 

In 2026, there will be a solar flare that will cause a worldwide blackout lasting for six weeks. Then, the following year, a wormhole will open near Mars. Bad news for the new Mars colonists.