Prison Guards Accused Of Homicide After Horrifying Death

Over the last several years, violent crime levels have been rising across the United States. Especially in urban centers, cases of murder, assault, and other deadly incidents have risen. In a report given midway through 2023, violent crime remains elevated in comparison to pre-pandemic levels. 24% more homicides occurred in the first half of this year than in 2019. In cities like New York, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, far left progressive politicians have handicapped law enforcement officials and made it increasingly difficult for these public servants to do their duty and keep public order and safety by passing restrictive and demonizing legislation in the name of “social justice” while promoting “anti-cop” rhetoric which has fueled animosity towards and distrust for the police.

In Tampa, Florida, a shooting incident occurred during pre-Halloween celebrations in October 2023. Two individuals lost their lives as a result of the incident and an additional eighteen others were wounded in the tragic episode. There is a saying often quipped in America that nothing good every happens after midnight. Just before the witching hour (3 a.m.), the shooting occurred around several clubs and bars near the 1600 section of East 7th Avenue in Tampa. The Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercaw claimed that the occurrence was a fight between two groups of people. Hundreds of innocent people were literally caught in the crossfire of the incident. In a harrowing incident in California, a bartender reportedly killed a 27 year old woman, beating her to death with a fire extinguisher. Dino Rojas-Morena (aged 26) was arrested on a murder charge for killing Tatum Goodwin, who worked at Carmelita’s, a restaurant in Laguna Beach.

In the state of Alabama, a mentally ill inmate died at the hands of prison guards. Anthony Don Mitchell had been placed in a concrete structure known as “the freezer” and left there for hours, eventually succumbing to hypothermia. His death has been ruled a homicide.