New Link Found In Infant Deaths Across The Nation

American culture has seriously declined over the last 60 years. When observing photographs, videos, newspaper articles, and anything in between from the 1950s or 60s, 70s and every decade following, a clear decline in culture can be viewed. People dressed modestly; crime was generally lower. More people believed in a higher power, gender roles were clearly defined, and the middle class was generally thriving (at least in the 1950s-60s). In many regards, it appears that Americans have lost their sense of community. People are fragmented, and the core values that once formed communities and societies are large (objective tenants of morality, religious groups, the nuclear family) have precipitously eroded and declined. Politics and polarization dominate every regard of ordinary life. In a new analysis promoted by the Pew Research Center, only 37% of Americans aged 25 to 49 are married with at least one or more children, and for the first time in the history of the country the traditional nuclear family structure is a clear minority. When comparing this statistic to 1970, 67% of adults in this age group operated within this structure.

As things continue to worsen, the people that dominate the culture of the country continue to push cultural norms that are contrary to traditional values. The movie industry and Hollywood has become a breeding ground for progressive debauchery. In a recent report, the actor Neal McDonough of the show Yellowstone claimed he had been blackmailed in Hollywood due to his traditional religious values. He had refused to engage in any “love scenes” with other actors out of respect for his wife and the sacred sanctity of marriage.

There are truly many problems across America and the world; one of these is a lack of food for many families who struggle economically. In a recent development, a report shows that babies who live with impoverished mothers are more likely to pass away despite an overall healthy lifestyle.