Multiple Taco Bells Close Due To Wave Of Crime

Due to the high level of crime in Oakland, California, another restaurant company is adjusting its business practices.

Four of Oakland’s five Taco Bell restaurants have resorted to drive-throughs and closed their dining rooms.

Four robberies have occurred at one of the establishments since November. The most recent robbery involved the theft of a Taco Bell safe by robbers who used a pickup truck and a steel cable. Two of the heists took place while the eatery was open for business. A witness who works across the street from the eatery said that the criminals pulled up out of nowhere and robbed the store and everybody in it.

Already, criminal activity in Oakland has resulted in the closure of Denny’s, Starbucks, Subway, and Black Bear Diner. Indoor eating at Raising Cane’s was discontinued one year ago, and In-N-Out Burger shut down.

Kaiser suggested that workers stay in for lunch. Blue Shield provides employees with specialized transportation to ensure their safety while they travel to their automobiles or other means of transportation. Protection for Clorox workers has been provided.

The mayor, Sheng Thao, completely denies what progressive policies have wrought.

In February, when NBC News informed her that she was perhaps ruling over a dystopic hellhole, she said she stands in solidarity with the people of Oakland, who are calling for more efforts to punish and hold criminal organizations responsible for the damage they cause to neighborhoods. To ensure compliance with state law, Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom dispatched many CHP officers to the region. They caught 168 auto thieves, but given that they’re in California, it’s hard to say whether they’ll ever face any consequences. There are a lot of criminal individuals in the Oakland region since 71 were arrested in the first five days of the CHP surge.

If only there were more police officers to handle it.