Michelle Obama Claims She “Couldn’t Stand” Barack For Years

(Presidentialwire.com)- Former First Lady Michelle Obama revealed last month that there were about ten years during her marriage when she “couldn’t stand” her husband Barack.

Welcome to the club, Michelle.

During a roundtable interview on Revolt TV, Michelle, who is on another book tour, opened up about the ups and downs most married couples face. She said the challenges of raising two young daughters while she and Barack were advancing their careers put a strain on their marriage.

Michelle said people might think she is “being catty,” but there was a ten-year period during her marriage when “I couldn’t stand my husband,” and that period coincided with the time when her daughters Malia and Sasha were little.

She described the tough balance between raising their children and dealing with their own hectic schedules, saying the worries about schools and “who’s doing what and what, and I was like ‘Ugh, this isn’t even.’”

Ugh, this isn’t even?

Can you believe this woman graduated from law school? She talks like a 13-year-old girl.

Michelle said marriages are never “50/50.” At times, she was handling 70 percent of it while Barack only did 30 percent. Other times, he did 60 percent while she did 40 percent.

But Michelle said she and Barack have been married for thirty years and she “would take ten bad years over thirty.”

Michelle described little children as “terrorists,” saying they are demanding but are “poor communicators” who “cry all the time.” She said children are “irrational” and “needy,” but “you love them.” And since parents can’t blame their children, they turn their anger on each other.

Despite all of their ups and downs, Michelle said she still admired and respected Barack, adding that it is important to know “your person.”

Michelle has been making the media rounds promoting her latest navel-gazing memoir “The Light We Carry” which was released in November.