Majority Of Scientists Insist There Are Only 2 Genders

While the 2024 presidential election remains over a year away, major media outlets and both political parties have placed a large emphasis on the upcoming battle for the White House. In the Republican party, Trump enjoys a massive double digit lead over his nearest opponents, and despite facing four criminal indictments, remains defiantly afloat and ahead in the race. On the Democratic side, the incumbent president Joe Biden enjoys widespread party support and faces only token opposition within his own caucus. While time will tell how 2024 will shape up, at the present it appears that the 2020 candidates are set for a rematch. While the nation grapples with the deteriorating situation of federal politics, it also remains engaged in a cultural battle that has occurred in step with the political polarization in the nation. Conservatives and liberals have battled over cultural issues. Reaching simply insane levels of ridiculousness, progressives on the left have attempted to reshape and redefine biological realities surrounding gender. Across America, biological men who identify as “transgender” women have been allowed to participate in female sporting events and have access to locker room facilities designated for women. 

In Portugal in early October, a transgender man was named “Miss Portugal”. A 28 year old who dresses like a woman and has “transitioned” will represent Portugal in the Miss Universe competition in El Salvador in November. Rui Paulo Sousa, a politician from Portugal, voiced his displeasure . Sousa claimed the fact that a biological male has been named as the nations “Miss Portugal” is disgraceful. In July of this year, another transgender male was named “Miss Universe” of the Netherlands. This is shameful and hurts women everywhere. 

In an unsurprising statement, most scientists in British universities have come to the consensus that there are indeed only two genders and that sex is binary. Gender, however, has been deemed “fluid”. Many progressives have alleged that there are several genders.