Kari Lake Teases Huge Evidence Drop To Overturn Election

(Presidentialwire.com)- Last week, Arizona’s losing gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake claimed to have new evidence that will wake people up to the supposed election fraud that cost her the election in November but she isn’t able to get “get into the details.”

In a video clip posted by “Kari Lake War Room” on Twitter last Wednesday, Lake, appearing on the JD Rucker Show, claimed that new “evidence” has “come to light” that is “very shocking.”

She claimed it reveals the “shocking” levels Arizona officials took “to cheat” in November’s midterm elections, telling Rucker that she believed when this evidence “comes out,” those “who have been reluctant to accept” that there was any election fraud will “wake up.”

Lake claimed that they were in the process of “double, triple, quadruple checking” the supposed evidence which she thinks is “earth-shattering.” She could not share the details as to what the evidence is, but she hoped that it gets included in her lawsuit.

In a tweet on Monday, Lake accused election officials of sabotaging the November 8 election, claiming that system log files obtained through a FOIA request showed that nearly 250,000 voting attempts failed. But Lake did not provide any evidence or documentation to support the claim.

On Wednesday, the Arizona Supreme Court, without any dissent, declined Lake’s request that they take up her appeal for the second time in less than a month.

Lake appealed last month’s decision by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson who threw out her lawsuit challenging her defeat in the Arizona gubernatorial election.

The Arizona Supreme Court first declined to hear Lake’s petition in early January, saying the Arizona Court of Appeals has already set aside time to hear oral arguments in the case and there was “no good cause” to bypass the appeals court.

Earlier this month, the Arizona Court of Appeals agreed to expedite Lake’s case, scheduling oral arguments for February 1.