Joe Rogan Rages Over Biden’s “F*cking Sideshow Of Diversity” 

( On Thursday’s “The Joe Rogan Experience” broadcast, Rogan discussed the possibility of a re-election bid by Joseph Biden in 2024 with actor Russell Brand. 

The popular podcast presenter Rogan repeated his allegation that President Joseph Biden is “mentally gone,” adding that the United States is being run by a “f***ing sideshow of diversity” instead. 

Rogan said he was recently talking with a friend when Rogan revealed he couldn’t vote for Biden. The friend said he couldn’t vote for Trump. Rogan declared he’d instead vote for Trump than Biden any day because he feels Biden “is gone.” He said we’ll end up relying on his cabinet, a “sideshow of diversity.” 

The popular podcaster continued by mocking the Biden cabinet. He said the thief, Sam Brinton, who made off with all the ladies’ garments in the suitcase, was a diversity hire. Rogan remarked that he was a male who sported a mustache and beard and dressed and applied lipstick like a lady. He said for Biden’s purposes, he was ideal. He couldn’t care less whether this person was excellent or awful. He couldn’t care less about their qualifications. “This makes us look like we’re inclusive. This makes us look like we’re on the right side, so let’s hire this person,” Rogan mocked. 

Rogan said you wouldn’t put someone like that in charge of Ben & Jerry’s, let alone put someone like that in charge of the “f***ing most powerful nation the world has ever known.” 

Brand continued by suggesting that Biden was elected vice president because he was a “perfect metaphor” for American culture— obsessed with diversity, yet there is an old white man at the helm who is falling apart before your very eyes. 

The entire fiasco is telling you that “it’s bulls***!” Brand said.