Joe Biden Abandons His Own Grandchild, Refuses To Acknowledge It

According to reports, President Joe Biden recently claimed he had six grandkids but forgot about his son Hunter’s illegitimate child, who would make his total number of grandchildren seven.

Last Thursday was take your kid to work day at the White House, and the president welcomed hundreds of children. He fumbled through a comprehensive family history explanation while fielding queries from the kids, saying he only had six grandkids instead of seven.

Biden stated he has s6 grandkids, and he absolutely adores them and talks to them daily. “Not a joke,” he emphasized.

Biden’s grandson Beau, age 3, is the youngest of the Biden grandchildren. But he did fail to mention one more.

Reports show Navy Joan (Biden) Roberts, age 4, is the daughter of ex-stripper Lunden Roberts and Hunter Biden. Roberts has been fighting Hunter Biden in courts for a long time about his paternal responsibilities.  She and Navy reside in Arkansas.

Roberts’ attorneys have asked an Arkansas judge to order Hunter to hand over financial records. In her continuing litigation against Hunter for paternity support, Hunter is required to provide these papers to the court.

Hunter has been attempting to get his child support obligations lowered since Lunden Roberts, age 32, obtained a paternity test establishing that Hunter is the father of Navy Joan.

Roberts’ attorneys urged in court last week Hunter Biden should be held at the Cleburne County Detention Center til he complies.

Attorneys for Lunden Roberts reportedly asked a court in Arkansas to jail the first son for failing to turn over financial information as demanded in her lawsuit seeking child support payments for their 4-year-old girl, Navy Joan. 

She has also retained Hunter Biden’s opponent Garrett Ziegler as an expert witness for the court proceedings, which are anticipated to begin in July.

Hundreds of possible crimes were detected in a 644-page study of Hunter’s infamous laptop released last year by Marco Polo, a company created by Ziegler, a then-aid of former President Donald Trump.