Criminal Tries To Pass Dog Urine As Her Own For Drug Test

During a court-ordered drug test, a 42-year-old lady reportedly gave authorities a sample of her aunt’s dog’s pee rather than her own. This led to her arrest. Her prior criminal record is extensive.

In Clearwater, Florida, 42-year-old Jessica Beatty was taken in for a random drug test and later charged with a misdemeanor count of fake urine testing. The Pinellas County Misdemeanor Probation Office administered a required drug test to Beatty on January 11.

She was required to submit to “court-ordered random drug screens” for possession of drug paraphernalia and one count of driving while her license was suspended. These charges were filed in December 2023.

Police claim that Beatty gave them dog pee instead of her own when she visited the probation office earlier this month.

According to the deputies, she stated that the dog belonged to her aunt and subsequently confessed to using its urine. How she transferred the canine’s urine into the cup remains a mystery.

A probable cause affidavit stated that the defendant “willfully admitted” that she had a fake urine sample that she planned to utilize for testing.

According to health experts, laboratories will “immediately” highlight the use of canine pee in drug tests instead of human urine.

One lady in Kentucky allegedly went to extraordinary lengths in 2019 to ensure she passed a drug test.

Julie Miller, a 40-year-old woman, attempted to fake her urine to pass a drug test.

The Pineville Police Department said the lady had snuck in a sample of urine in an attempt to pass it off as her own to probation and parole officers.

According to the police, when asked about the pee, she acknowledged that it belonged to her dog. Miller allegedly admitted to the police that she knew she would fail the drug test when they questioned whether the dog urine was brought in for that purpose.

She said that if the test had been administered, it would have shown her usage of methamphetamine and the opioid Suboxone.