Biden Falls Up The Stairs Into Air Force One

( President Joe Biden tripped Wednesday as he boarded Air Force One in Warsaw, Poland. Unfortunately, the event was caught on camera. 

In 2021, when Biden stumbled while trying to enter Air Force One, the event trended on Twitter, deservedly so, since the media made such a big deal about every move Trump made in the previous administration. 

On Wednesday, 80-year-old President Joseph Biden was ready to board the plane to return him to Washington, D.C., after his visit to Eastern Europe. During his excursion, Biden reiterated US support for Ukraine as it fights a drawn-out battle against a Russian invasion. Also, Biden conferred with Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine. 

The President is seen in the footage stumbling up the stairs to Air Force One, but he quickly recovers and continues. Fox News journalist Peter Doocy discussed the tape during an appearance on America Reports, saying that it should not be seen as a “distraction” from the president’s trip’s central message. 

The White House press secretary at the time, Karine Jean-Pierre, first blamed the weather for President Biden’s fall on the stairs in 2021. 

Jean-Pierre said, oddly, that It’s not just windy, but it’s “incredibly windy” outside. She talked about her won near-fall as she was attempting to scale them. At the time, she told the media that he was doing splendidly well, trying desperately to portray the increasingly doddering older man as robust. 

There very well may be a presidential election showdown in 2024 between Trump and Biden. Each camp will do its best to convince the public that the two senior citizens are physically up to the task. 

Biden looks the worse for wear of the two candidates, both mentally and physically. 

Side-by-side clips of them both playing golf offer a stark contrast in agility.