Attorney’s Racial Claim Deleted After Lawsuit Threat

Within hours of a Fox News story in which the woman’s lawyer threatened defamation charges against people who defamed her, a prominent civil rights attorney removed a viral tweet in which he verbally attacked a female hospital worker in New York City.

Attorney Ben Crump, the go-to lawyer who magically appears whenever there is a controversial racial story in the news involving an alleged Black victim, deleted a video of a verbal imbroglio between a Manhattan physician’s assistant (who is pregnant) and multiple young Black men hours after it was retweeted thousands of times, going viral.

“Unacceptable!” Crump declared in a tweet that accompanied the video. He summarized the video by saying a young black man in New York City was renting a Citi Bike when a white woman was caught on camera trying to steal it from him. 

He judged and juried the clip, implying she made an obvious effort to use tears as a weapon to portray the man as a threat. He said many Black men have been put in danger by this kind of behavior.

Crump never stopped and thought about the implausibility that a pregnant woman would be attempting to steal a bike from several black men.

After the woman provided receipts to her lawyer, showing she was the renter, and it was the black man trying to steal it from her, Crump deleted his defaming tweet.

No subsequent tweet offered an explanation or apology

Justin Marino, Comrie’s attorney, said his client has been called a racist and they are definitely going to pursue defamation charges.

Crump erased his tweet several hours after the Fox News report.

Marino said that Comrie recruited him out of worry for her job security.

Bellevue Hospital medical assistant Sarah Comrie was placed on leave after the video caused widespread outcry. Comrie is six months pregnant. Marino said she had just concluded a 12-hour shift before the viral video went viral.