Trump Waits Anxiously For Jan 6. Indictment

A federal grand jury investigating attempts to obstruct the transition of power after the 2020 election may soon issue an indictment against former President Trump.

The grand jury usually convenes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Recent indications imply that an indictment could be forthcoming, and Trump speculated that the charges could be announced “any day now.”

Although an indictment has not yet been revealed in the ongoing investigation, there are indications that one is imminent.

Speculation surrounding possible charges has been mounting, notably after Trump stated that he received a target letter from the Justice Department. 

Court documents show that prosecutors sent Trump a target letter 20 days before his indictment in the classified documents case. He has also stated that he received a target letter related to the Jan 6 probe on Jul 16, just over a fortnight ago.

Adding to the anticipation of the indictment, Trump’s legal team met with special counsel Jack Smith’s office last Thursday. At the same time, the grand jury was convened in Washington, D.C. A similar gathering with Trump’s attorneys and prosecutors occurred in the classified documents case on Jun 5, mere days before the grand jury voted on charges.

Yet, there was an unexpected turn in Trump’s legal battles when Smith’s office released a new indictment in the classified documents case in Florida late Thursday.

The new charges include one count of willful retention of documents and two of obstruction, accusing Trump of collaborating with two aides to delete surveillance footage at Mar-a-Lago.

One aide, Walt Nauta, had previously been charged, but prosecutors also named Carlos De Oliveira, a second worker, as a co-defendant on Thursday.

Trump’s vocal criticism of Smith has persisted, especially following the fresh round of charges, as the focus shifts back to the grand jury activities in D.C.

Media outlets have positioned satellite trucks outside D.C.’s federal courthouse, where the grand jury gathers, and journalists are closely monitoring the behind-closed-doors sessions.

In addition to the Jan 6 investigation, another indictment might be on the horizon in Georgia. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) has informed court officials that she could bring charges in the prominent case sometime in the first half of August.

“We’ve completed the work. We’ve been at it for two-and-a-half years. We’re ready to proceed,” Willis stated to 11Alive on Saturday.