Trump To Meet With Gold Star Families

According to a report, ex-President Trump and Congressman Michael Waltz (R-FL) will be meeting with Gold Star families who lost loved ones as a result of Democrat President Joe Biden’s botched departure from the war in Afghanistan.

One of Trump’s most vocal congressional supporters, Waltz, and the president will visit with Gold Star families on the two-year anniversary of the final American jet departing Afghanistan.

Breitbart News has learned that a roundtable discussion with Trump’s team has been confirmed. According to a Trump campaign spokesman, there is no greater advocate of America’s military men and their families than President Trump. That starkly contrasts Joe Biden’s absolute absence of regard for our armed forces and his catastrophic and humiliating retreat in Afghanistan, which led to the loss of American soldiers, empowered the enemy, and placed lives in danger.

Waltz has worked alongside the Gold Star family for 20 years and claims he has never dealt with a more angry and disappointed group.

Walz said that after speaking with them, he learned they felt misled and confused since they were given contradictory accounts of what took place. Officials from the Department of Defense tell them one thing, but their Marine squad buddies had provided them with the true details.

Reports show that Republican Rep. Darrell Issa of California argued in early August on Fox News that the relatives of the 13 American soldiers slain in the Kabul airport terrorist attack amid the 2021 withdrawal from Afghanistan need to see the document on the diplomatic dissent cable before the withdrawal, which shows that the Biden administration was aware the Afghan withdrawal was destined to implode.

Several members of the families have testified before congressional committees and at public events hosted by Issa, making the anger Waltz described in the conversation with the outlet apparent.

One parent demanded the resignation of President Joe Biden and the rest of the administration. A soldier’s mother made accusations against a colonel for providing false information following her son’s death.