Trump Takes Double-Digit Lead In This State

The latest Marist College survey shows that with 40 electoral votes up for grabs in Texas, former president Donald Trump has twice the edge over Biden that he had four years ago.

Marist polled registered voters between March 18 and 21, and the results suggest that Trump has an 11-point edge over his successor in the White House (55% to 44%). Nevertheless, those who say they will vote in November’s election cut Trump’s margin to 7 points (53%- 46%).

According to the survey, Trump has made significant gains among Black and Latino voters, while Biden has lost ground among younger voters.

Trump has 48% of the vote, Biden has 36%, and Kennedy has 15% in a hypothetical three-way election that might include former Democratic presidential contender turned independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Among eligible voters, Cruz, a conservative firebrand seeking a third six-year term as a senator from Texas, leads Allred 51% to 45%. Cruz and Allred have almost the same margin among those who are likely to vote.

According to the survey, voters in Texas, a state that shares a 1,254-mile border with Mexico, ranked immigration as the most important problem in the state. Following the preservation of democracy (at 24%), inflation (at 26%) was the second most significant concern. The total margin of error for the survey was 3.8 percentage points.

A Fox News poll found that in the national campaign for president in 2024, former president Donald Trump has a five-point advantage over Joe Biden. In a rerun of the 2020 election, the former chief of staff has a 50% advantage over the incumbent, who has a 45% lead. Twelve percent of voters went with independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr., two percent each for the Green Party and independent Cornel West.

Almost half of those who took the survey felt they were “worse off” compared to four years earlier, while only a quarter acknowledged that they were “better off.” Trump received more support from the electorate than Biden in terms of healthcare, economics, election integrity, and immigration. With 58% of the population disapproving of his leadership as commander-in-chief, the president’s total job rating was a dismal 41%.