Trump Has A Big Number Of People He Wants Jailed

A report shows former President Donald Trump recently said that President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama ought to be in prison for 50 years.

According to ABC News, they are among at least 27 of Trump’s perceived political adversaries who Trump has claimed or otherwise indicated should be charged or incarcerated since his 2016 campaign for president.  Trump rallied his supporters by promising to bring criminal charges against his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton, during the 2016 campaign.

After getting a subpoena from a House panel probing the 2012 assault on the U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deleted tens of thousands of emails. It violated the law, and many believed Clinton should have gone to jail for it.

President Biden and his family also appear to be caught in criminal scandals

A WhatsApp communication from 2017 revealed that Hunter Biden was demanding cash from a businessman with ties to the CCP as he was seated beside his father has emerged.

A report reveals that Abbe Lowell, a lawyer who often defends celebrities and politicians embroiled in controversy, sent a statement on behalf of President Biden’s son Hunter, in which he did not dispute that his client was the author of the WhatsApp messages presented by an IRS whistleblower.

A second text message revealed Hunter Biden demanded $10 million from CEFC business colleague Gongwen Dong, stating that the Bidens were the best at doing precisely what the “chairman” wanted.

Lowell did not dispute that Hunter Biden wrote the messages in his letter to the House committee, but he did call the screenshots of the texts phony.

The report shows Hunter Biden’s primary criminal defense attorney, Chris Clark, admitted in a letter that Hunter was the one who sent the initial 2017 WhatsApp seeking cash via a CCP-linked entrepreneur with his father present.

According to the 2020 Senate report on the Bidens, within ten days of Hunter Biden’s initial text to a CCP-linked businessman linked to the Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC Energy, the Biden family business received $5.1 million.