Trump Charges Seem To Coincide With Biden Probes

Some Republicans have speculated that the release of each federal indictment against former President Donald Trump occurred on or around the same time a congressional inquiry has made substantial revelations concerning the Biden family finances.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump was charged with four federal felony charges related to his attempts to change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election by special counsel Jack Smith.

Former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer said the day before the indictment was released that the president had spoken to his son’s business colleagues approximately two dozen times. Mr. Biden said he was unaware of his son’s business operations, although the evidence was directly at odds with his statements.

According to Archer’s testimony, the CEO of a Ukrainian energy business exerted pressure on Hunter Biden to get American backing for the dismissal of the prosecutor investigating the company for malfeasance. The CEO “confessed” to an FBI informant that he had been “coerced” into bribing Mr. Biden and his son with $10 million.

After House Republicans disclosed Mr. Biden and his family’s problematic offshore business connections, which critics say stink of influence peddling, the latest accusations against Mr. Trump were disclosed.

In addition, the House GOP is investigating whether Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, took a $5 million payment from a Ukrainian energy entrepreneur to halt a corruption inquiry into a corporation where Joe Biden served as vice president under Obama.

It’s no coincidence that the same day House Republicans saw an FBI memo revealing claims that Joe Biden received a bribe, the Justice Department announced its indictment against Mr. Trump in its secret materials investigation.

After a judge, Maryellen Noreika noted that a condition practically amounted to a get-out-of-jail-free card, the plea agreement in Hunter Biden’s federal criminal case fell apart on July 26.

The following day, Mr. Smith revealed further allegations against Mr. Trump, including that the Mar-a-Lago maintenance manager was now a defendant in the secret papers case. Questions have been raised concerning the timing of the charges’ public publication on June 8 so soon after Hunter Biden’s court appearance.

Mr. Trump said on July 18 that he had been notified by letter on January 6 that the Justice Department was investigating him. It was the day before two IRS whistleblowers testified before Congress and said that the Biden administration interfered with the tax probe of Hunter Biden.