Trans Teacher With Mega-Breasts Resurfaces At New School

The Canadian educator, known for causing an uproar after pictures of her wearing Z-size prosthetic breasts in a classroom last year went viral, has secured a new teaching position. This behavior has led the school to adopt heightened security protocols for protection.

Parents with children at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario, received a notification from the school principal about potential “protests” and “disruptions” due to Kayla Lemieux’s appointment, as reported by the Toronto Sun.

In a memo penned by Principal Tom Fisher, he wrote, “Given that we expect Nora Frances Henderson to possibly attract public attention this year due to recent hiring decisions, we wish to keep you informed about what this entails for your child and our institution.” The school commits to maintaining transparency, mainly if any protests or disruptions arise, prioritizing student safety, and keeping parents updated.

Recognizing the potential backlash, Fisher indicated that enhanced security measures will be in place to safeguard both students and staff with the introduction of Lemieux.

As part of the heightened security measures, students will have designated entrance and exit doors, and the exterior doors will remain locked during school hours. All individuals, including students and visitors, must use an intercom system for entry and exit. Parents are encouraged to contact the school before any visits or meetings with staff.

The memo emphasized the importance of upholding individual rights and treating everyone with respect and dignity, especially as students get ready to welcome the contentious new teacher.

The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board has reportedly told parents about the potential surge in public interest surrounding the school. However, Fisher wants to assure parents that there aren’t any ongoing “safety concerns.” The memo primarily keeps parents updated on potential media presence and protests.

Although the memo did not name Lemieux explicitly, it referenced “an experienced educator” who recently garnered public attention “related to their gender expression while instructing in another district.” It remains uncertain what subjects Lemieux will teach at the school.

There was no indication in the memo about potential repercussions for students taking photographs or videos of Lemieux, as was the protocol in her former institution, Oakville Trafalgar High, 30 miles north of Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School.

In March, Lemieux was given paid leave by the Halton School District following the viral dissemination of her photo while teaching. This elicited strong disapproval from parents who felt the school board should enforce a more rigorous dress code for educators. Following the viral incident, the school faced a series of threats, underscoring the intensity of the controversy.