“The View” Defends Biden’s Hunter Biden Excuse

Ana Navarro, co-host of the left-wing “The View,” defended the Bidens by saying that the Hunter Biden scandal is “also the story of a father’s love,” according to The Western Journal

The scandal she was referring to appeared to be about Hunter’s drug addiction and came during a discussion about whether it was appropriate for him to appear at the White House’s state dinner after pleading guilty to two tax misdemeanors while escaping prosecution for his illegal gun charge. 

Navarro tried to paint Joe Biden as a caring father by prefacing with the tragedy of him losing his young daughter and first wife in a car crash 50 years ago, an incident that the president has since misled people about. She tried to suggest that Biden is protecting his son and helped him through his drug abuse. The left-wing co-host then claimed that Hunter was only able to stop using drugs because of Joe’s support. 

Her comments come as it was recently revealed that Hunter was a member of the club, “Snctm,” which was founded after being inspired by the Stanley Kubrick film “Eyes Wide Shut.” The former owner came forward with outing Hunter because he said that he was a “scumbag.” 

As pictures continue to be released of Hunter with prostitutes and drugs, text messages reveal that he and his father were involved in selling their influence to foreign agents. A recently disclosed FBI document that received little attention in the national media detailed how the Bidens allegedly took two $5 million bribes for getting Ukraine to fire prosecutor Viktor Shokin. 

While Democrats Like Navarro rush to Biden’s defense, some are not buying it. Users on Twitter replied critically to Navarro’s comments with one suggesting that Joe exploited Hunter as a “front man for his corruption.”