Teen Charged With Abuse For Drinking Alcohol With A Gator

A video of a young man from Florida drinking a Twisted Tea while holding a newborn alligator in a fast food restaurant parking lot has caused him trouble in the court of public opinion as well as the law.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission discovered a 15-second video showing a teenager drinking an alcoholic beverage while a small animal bites down on the can. The video caught the attention of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. One of the adolescents is under investigation for the illegal capture of the animal as charges are being filed against them.

The group issued a warning, expressing their disappointment at the lack of responsibility and respect shown toward this animal. The agency stated that this serves as a potent reminder of the consequences of such behavior.

Vernon Yates, the president of the Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation organization, also watched the video and was shocked by how the young guy treated the alligator.

He said he could observe several incorrect things. It is incorrect to possess it wrongly and incorrect to drop it abruptly on the hot pavement. 

Furthermore, he emphasized the need to question all individuals involved.

He said all individuals captured on video touching the alligator should be presented before a judge and face the repercussions of their actions.

Yates believes that the 15-second footage does not provide a complete story due to the animal’s seemingly lazy behavior, suggesting that the animal was impacted in some way.

He’s not very lively, he commented about the gator. He said when it hit the hot ground, typically, a small alligator that size should have hit the ground running.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shared some excellent news with reporters

The juvenile alligator was placed into a retention pond in the vicinity and is doing well.