Robert Kennedy Jr Drops CIA Bombshell

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been dubbed a conspiracy theorist by those within his party. Nevertheless, the Democratic candidate has been frank about issues such as medical experiments, the deaths of his father and uncle, and the direction of the West. In a recent tweet published last week, RFK Jr. posted an article by the progressive outlet Truthout talking about the CIA’s MK-Ultra program, notably how they targeted and exploited minorities.

RFK Jr. claimed that conspiracy theories are “not just ‘right wing’ and they are not just theories.” He said that the U.S. and Canadian military, nonprofits, and university researchers, were also involved in the experiments. 

The article begins by suggesting that the public’s knowledge of the mind control experiments perpetuated by the U.S. government is by collective design, adding that the Watergate scandal in 1973 prompted the CIA to destroy all of the documents from its MK Ultra program. 

Sidney Gottlieb was reportedly the mastermind behind the experiments. He was a chemist heading the program and was notable for the pills, powders, and poisons that he made, which would kill the target without leaving a trace. LSD was one drug that was deliberately spread across the U.S. When he wasn’t creating mind-altering drugs, he was torturing people. 

The experiments were done on many, including minorities and indigenous peoples. A group of indigenous women known as the Kahnistensera (Mohawk Mothers), filed a lawsuit against McGill University, the Canadian government, and the Royal Victoria Hospital in Quebec. In April 2023, that case made some headway. An agreement was reportedly reached where archeologists and cultural monitors would search and dig for the unmarked graves of the people killed as a result of the experiments. 

Over two years, more than 1,300 graves were found in Canada, predominantly belonging to deceased children.