Pope Asks Russia To Restore Black Sea Grain Deal

The Pope urged Russia to resume the Black Sea grain deal that had enabled Ukrainians to export grain via Russian seaports while at war.

A report shows Francis appealed to the officials of the Russian Federation in his Angelus address so that the Black Sea project might be revived and food could be carried without incident.  

According to a report, Russia began targeting agricultural storage structures in Ukraine’s Odesa area following its pullout from a grain export contract, broadening its assaults on port infrastructure. It also began simulating a Black Sea blockade.

Reports reveal that Russian forces have been trying to disrupt Ukrainian food shipments by targeting what has been vaguely characterized as an essential infrastructure facility south of the shipping hub of Odesa with missiles.

Odesa has been under attack by Russia for several days because the Kremlin broke a wartime agreement that enabled Ukraine to ship grain via the strategic Black Sea port.

According to a US government report, as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, wheat prices throughout the world have risen by about 60%, reaching their highest point in 14 years. 

Because so much of Egypt’s imports of wheat over the past five years have come from Russia and Ukraine, the country is feeling the effects of the conflict. Egypt’s bread subsidy program has been supplied with a reliable supply of wheat from many markets via international auctions during the previous three months.

But according to Statista, about 9.8 million metric tons of wheat were harvested in Egypt in 2022, up nine % over the previous year. From 2010 through 2022, Egypt’s wheat output fluctuated from 7 to 10 million metric tons annually.

In other events,  Ukraine’s president Zelensky announced the Culture Minister had resigned after Zelensky said the ministry’s expenditure was impractical during the time of war.

Vadym Prystaiko, Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK,  was also removed from his position by Zelensky. Prystaiko had openly attacked the president.