Newsmax Petition Released To Public That You Can Sign 

( It looks like Newsmax’s online petition has worked. 

Titled, Stop AT&T’s DirecTV’s Censorship of NEWSMAX!, it appears that is what happened. Although, Direct TV says there never was any censorship. 

In the DirecTV statement on Wednesday, the specifics of DirecTV’s new arrangement were not disclosed. The parties’ initial failure to agree on the terms of a carriage agreement renewal gave rise to the conflict, the statement claims. 

The conservative television network Newsmax will be brought back to DirecTV’s lineup on March 23 after the conclusion of the contract dispute, the company has said. Two months after Newsmax was taken off the satellite television provider’s network, which prompted the network to charge anti-conservative bias and “censorship,” an agreement was struck. 

Such carriage disputes are common in the cable and satellite television industry, and the service providers often pay cable channels and networks for their content. The terms of a contract must be renegotiated when it expires, which might lead to conflicts and the withdrawal of certain networks from the lineup until a solution is reached. 

Due to the growth of streaming services, pay-TV companies like DirecTV have been losing subscribers recently. Although conversations between pay-TV providers and TV channels have always been contentious, they have been more so recently. Pay-TV package prices frequently rise in response to higher fees paid to TV networks, hastening the exodus of subscribers. 

Once its contract with DirecTV ended in January and the parties were unable to resolve their differences, Newsmax portrayed its removal from the satellite-TV provider’s list as a “censorship campaign” to silence the right-wing network. 

President of Newsmax Christopher Ruddy said in a statement on Wednesday that DirecTV clearly supports a variety of opinions, including conservative ones. 

Ruddy said the agreement will last for “the foreseeable future.” 

Newsmax will again be a part of DirecTV’s 24-hour, seven-day-per-week news programming, including CNN, MSNBC, NewsNation, and the conservative outlets Fox News and The First.