New Gun Bill Would Force Gunowners To Buy Expensive Insurance

During the era of the American revolution, colonial citizens across every socioeconomic class and geographical region banded together to oppose British tyranny and government totalitarianism, taking up a treasonous and near-suicidal struggle for independence against the most powerful empire on the face of the earth. Any individual with a sense of sanity who would have been living in the 1770s would have deemed it a fool’s errand for the fledgling American colonies. Despite this, these citizens, with a firm reliance on a higher power and believing that it would be better to stand for their rights in conflict than to live in peace as slaves, fought for freedom. And to the shock of the entire world, after eight long and bloody years of struggle, the war was won, and a new nation, the United States, was born.

Radically, in 1787 the founding fathers formed the framework of the federal government and placed the ever important responsibility of government largely in the hands of the people themselves. Creating a constitutional republic, the American experiment in governance was unlike anything the world had ever seen. In 1791, the bill of rights was added to the constitution, which guaranteed sweeping liberties to the national citizenry.

Sadly, in modern times, the state of politics within the country is everything but peaceable and fair. Widespread corruption has engulfed federal politics, and in recent years the people, subdued by technology, entertainment and the unmatched comforts of everyday existence, have willingly allowed for their rights to be violated en-masse. In the massive state of California, the progressive Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed legislation banning the right of individuals to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense.

In the state of Maryland, the state government is considering imposing a bill which would require gun owners to purchase a $300,000 insurance policy in order to own a firearm. The legislature is controlled by Democrats; the bills future is uncertain.