MTG Sounds Alarm On ‘Pandora’s Box’ Bill

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene opposed legislative moves that could ban TikTok nationwide, saying it could open a Pandora’s Box. The controversial lawmaker was one of 65 to vote against the legislation, which passed through the House of Representatives with 352 votes. If approved by the Senate, the bill will force TikTok owner Bytedance to sell the platform or face prohibition throughout the United States.

During the Congressional debate, Taylor Greene noted that she is the only serving US lawmaker who has been banned from social media, notably Twitter (now X). The Georgian Rep. said Twitter banned her personal and political accounts, thereby removing an essential campaigning and communication tool. “This was not by a company owned by China. This was by American-owned Twitter,” she said, before questioning who would buy TikTok if its sale is forced.

“Who will be the next to control the data of over 170 million Americans?” she asked, adding that she does not trust Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg to allow free discussion if he becomes TikTok’s new proprietor.

China has reacted with fury to the proposals and described them as “bullying.” The proposed ban is due to the belief that TikTok is collecting data from 170 million American users, which the Chinese Communist Party could obtain. FBI Director Christopher Wray has testified to Congress that the platform constitutes a significant national security threat, while others say it damages the mental health of American youth.

The app is already banned from government devices, and Donald Trump proposed its probation during his White House term, though he has since backed away from that position. During a March CNBC interview, the former President said millions of people love TikTok, adding, “I consider Facebook to be an enemy of the people.” Like Taylor Greene, Mr. Trump believes a TikTok ban would empower Facebook and “double their business.”

Majorie Taylor Greene reopened her Twitter account when Elon Musk bought the platform in 2022.