Leaked Letter Reveals Obama’s Shocking Inner Thoughts

Reports show that former President Barack Obama once wrote to his ex-girlfriend that he made love with men every day, but only in his imagination.

Obama wrote about his own “androgynous” psyche in the redacted part of a 1982 letter received by the New York Post. The letter surfaced again when Obama biographer David Gallow gave a lengthy interview about the former president at Tablet Magazine.

Obama, then 21, told Alex McNear in November 1982 that he saw homosexuality as an attempt for a person to distance himself from the present.
McNear dated Obama while attending Occidental College in Los Angeles.

He told her that his mind was primarily androgynous and wanted to take this thought further until he could think in terms of people as humans, not women, not men. However, he realized that he was physically a man and that he had chosen to accept that.

She later edited the salacious passage, but Garrow tracked it down and included it in his book “Rising Star.”

The letter is now owned by Emory University and is prohibited from being photographed or removed from the school.

Speculation about Barack Obama’s sexuality has been circulating in trusted, sometimes not-so-trusted circles for over a decade, according to a report. The rumors suggested that Obama preferred men.

Adding to the rumors, Larry Sinclair claimed to have once had a romantic relationship with Barack Obama. In a conversation with filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, Sinclair spoke candidly about his alleged relationship with the former president.

A member of the United Trinity Church that Barack Obama attended for more than 20 years, Larry Sinclair, was openly gay. Sinclair wrote that on November 6 and 7 of 1999, then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama had drug-fueled gay sex with him.

Sinclair published the details years later in his book and said he was shocked that Obama man would become President of the United States. Chicago’s gay community knew Barack Obama’s involvement in the gay bathhouse and gay bar scene and was well-known.

A gay Chicago gossip columnist Kevin DuJan thought it was unthinkable to believe Barack Obama would be able to keep his homosexual lifestyle a secret. No one that knew Obama believed he could be President.