Joe Rogan Rejects Idea Of Interviewing Vladimir Putin 

( Joe Rogan has said that he would not invite Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, to appear on his podcast. He has referred to Putin as an evil and different kind of human. However, he said that he hopes Putin listens to the program. 

On Tuesday’s show, the controversial presenter talked with the comic Burt Kreischer about a wide range of subjects until they eventually circled back to the topic of Putin. 

Kreischer joked that Putin has to listen to Rogan’s podcast. Rogan joked back and quipped, “what’s up, bro?” as if Putin was tuning in. 

Rogan then told Kreischer that he would not meet with Putin but then shouted out to a “listening” Putin reminding him of all the people he’s murdered, including political opponents. 

Despite his misgivings, Rogan still found something positive to say about the Russian dictator’s “solid” and “legitimate” Judo skills. 

The host of the “Joe Rogan Experience” then related the tale of New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who had the Super Bowl ring he wore stolen by Vladimir Putin at one point. Reportedly, when Putin and Kraft met in Saint Petersburg in 2005, Putin offered to try on Kraft’s ring, but then he chose to retain it for himself without asking. 

Rogan continued his rant by bringing up the oligarchy system that exists in Russia and declaring to the autocratic leader, “You are absolutely evil.” 

“You’re never going to get an invite talking this way,” Kreischer quipped. 

The subject then shifted to another tyrant, Kim Jong Un of North Korea. 

Rogan did not confirm or deny if he is interested in meeting the dictator of North Korea but went on to detail the tragedies that North Korean civilians have been through due to Kim Jong Un’s rule. 

Rogan summed up his feelings about dictators by saying the way the U.S. is run is not perfect, but it is so superior to any system that is anywhere else in the world,  the reason being there are checks and balances in the system that the founding fathers put in place.